Any former FHEM-users here?


I’m thinking about switching from FHEM to Home Assistant and I spent some days looking around, fizzling some things around and so on.
But I’m missing some kind of replacement for such great FHEM toolkits like Rommates/Residents, HomeMode or AutoShutterControl.
So how did you (former FHEM-users) did it?
I fear recreating these toolkits for Home Assistant is very, very much work and for me, as a HA-beginner and non-developer, it would be a project for a very long time - not sure I would ever finish. So it’s more or less a stupid idea :wink:
But without the features from at least Residents/Roommate I can’t migrate because my family is using it every day. And the current “persons”-integration is just very basic.

So what have YOU done? :wink:

Best regards

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I’m still using them in parallel just for the modules you mentioned. Using MQTT to publish the data from FHEM to Home Assistant.

I had to do something since my USB stick in the RPi broke down. Either migrate from fhem to HA, or do a full linux and fhem setup. Yes, I had (manual) fhem backups, but nothing for the underlying linux system with a hell of dependencies that developed over the years. So I took the dive into cold water by a complete new setup - based on HA OS.

First thing was to set up an automatic backup to Google Drive. Done in minutes, I would never be able to implement such things in fhem. Other examples: web frontend, remote access through DuckDNS, etc.
You definitely will notice, the concepts of fhem and HA are decades apart from each other. But you also notice the hardware requirements. Where fhem used to run happily on a original RPi, a 3B still requires some quirks (swap) for HA. Happy with a RPi 4 and USB SSD.

There are some open points on HA side. AutoShuttersControl, as you mentioned. In case you want to re-create these: maybe one of the existing AppDaemon modules is the right point to start from? HA automations and blueprints might not be sophisticated enough, I personally don’t like the idea of NodeRed.

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Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely have a look at those modules. With a little bit of own automations I think one might get next to the functionality level of AutoShutterConrol.
Have you found something similar to the Residents module?

there is at least a kind of user management (marked as work in progress Authentication - Home Assistant ( and presence detection for individuals . There is some initial functionality available using AppDaemon , over time someone might pick up the idea and implement similar functionalities as provided by fhem.

I guess there is nothing like residents.
It seems you need a lot of input_binarys and so on.
Currently I’m looking at GitHub - DubhAd/Home-AssistantConfig: My Home Assistant configuration files and adjust to my personal needs (and for sure creating blueprints for most resident-like automations). But as I lack time …