Any ideas why an instance might die after no changes have been made recently?

So I’ve been using HA for about 3 years. Every so often my instance will randomly die and I’ll just hard reboot it and it will start up again. A few days ago this happened but a hard reboot hasn’t worked and I haven’t made any changes to config recently. The most recent change I made was to add a new zigbee button a few weeks ago.

I thought maybe the sd card was fried but I took it out and checked it on my laptop and it seems to be fine (and as I understand an SD should last atleast 10 years anyway). I think my auto backups stopped working without my noticing so my last snapshot is from over a year ago which isn’t the end of the world because I haven’t changed a whole lot since then. The only other thing I could think of is that we got a new box in for our internet recently but HA was working fine with the new router for atleast a week before it conked out.

Also I tried ssh [email protected] -p 22222 but I got a timeout. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried sshing into it but I’m fairly certain I’ve done it before

SDCards will not last 10 years in a HA setup.
Maybe in a camera that is used from time to time, but not a running system with logs being written all the time.
3 years is my guess of average lifetime for a SDCard in a HA setup.

That being said, put a monitor on it and see what the output is and make sure your power supply is a decent grade, because the random reboots and deaths is a typical sign on a power supply which can barely deliver the requirements and Raspis are power hungry compared to the power supply supplied with it.
I usually recommend the official one, but also a powered USB hub to run all USB sticks, so they do not have to draw power from the Raspi.
If your Raspi have active cooling, then the fan will get bugged down with dust and the barrings will get worn down too, both things will then require more power to run the fan to keep the cooling adequate.

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Yeah ok thanks might be worth trying a new sd card then in that case. I have a zigbee usb stick and a fan as well of course so that all checks out. I think I’ve got a relatively beefy adapter for it and the random deaths are very rare (maybe once every 3-4 months)

I think the original power supply for a Raspi 4 is a 5V 3A adapter and the Raspi might not even be able to handle more power internally, so giving it more amps might be useless.
The missing backup might also be due to a lack of power supplied. Backup is heavy on CPU, RAM, SDCard and that requires the fan to work more, which is over a longer time span.
Sometimes the Raspi do not die from this situations, but instead hardware parts resets, like network card, USB port or card reader.

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