Any known stability issues with MQTT?

I was struggling for a long time with stability issues with my Vue2 with ESPhome firmware: The device seemed to crash after a few hours (crash means that uptime started from 0 and intermediate integration values for sensor data was lost). Note that I observed this with two different devices and various different esphome versions.

After long back and forth I switched to HomeAssistant API. The diff file of my YAML literally comments the mqtt section and in comments the api section.

Since then the device is running without reboots (=crashes). Current uptime is over 4 days.

Are there any known issues with the mqtt module that could cause esphome to crash?

Only if you had api: in your configuration and weren’t using it.
Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 15-44-32 MQTT Client Component

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Hmm this wouldn’t be a stability issue / crash because it is an intended action and results in a graceful reboot (which commits data to NVM).

I actually had this issue before too and got confused.

But what I’m talking about seem to be genuine crashes in which the hardware watchdog causes a reboot.

Share your esp device logs and configuration.