Any recommendation to display an MQTT Event entity time_fired in the default Overview dashboard?

Hello – I created a custom MQTT event entity and I’d like its timestamp (time_fired) date/time to show up in the Overview dashboard. Any recommendations on how to show a read-only date/time from an event entity?

The MQTT event corresponds to my front gate opening. I have an ESP-01s in deep sleep and is triggered by a reed switch. It’s simple: The ESP-01s wakes up when the reed switch brings the RESET pin high, simple code publishes an MQTT message, (various VLAN isolation etc), ESP-01s goes back to sleep, and ultimately HA picks up the MQTT topic and my custom event fires. Work reasonably well.

I do have my custom event marked as Visible and it shows up in a custom (not default) dashboard.

But yes, I’m too lazy to create my own default custom dashboard.