Any router recommendations with known multicast performance

Hi guys,

I’m looking to integrate the Xiaomi ecosystem (gateway, wall switches, pir sensors, humidity, temp) with Home Assistant running on a permanent Pi server.

So far, I’ve been having an issue where my Xiaomi gateway devices drop offline after 5-6 hours, as well as the motion sensor never reporting it’s state.

I brought my Pi and Aqara sensors to work which is a corporate router environment and it all works flawlessly.
So from this and some research I think this is most likely due to the multicast packets getting lost on my home network which is run by an ISP provided ZTE ZXHN H298N.

So I’m in the market for a replacement router.
Does anyone have the same setup as I, who could recommend any routers as working 100%?

I’m looking at pro-sumer 8 port routers oif an older generation at the moment.

Thanks for any advice

personally I have a Xiaomi Mi R3P router which is very good.
Only issue I’ve experienced so far: the port forward for https sometimes fails (liek once every 3 months or less)
And not sure if this is a Xiaomi or standard router limitation but I can only assign 32 devices to the whitelist

Thanks for the recommendation. It looks like a good price and good reviews. Do you know for sure that it works with multicast?

it’s supposed to, I have not lost a single packet that I know of. If anything I have more issues with lost packets in my 433MHz network with my RfxTrx transceiver

I also have a Xiaomi Router R3. Multicast works and it’s the same ecosystem as Aqara. Only problem is you need to get a switch if you need more than 2 Ethernet ports

Thanks guys. @blakadder the ports being only 100M is a problem for me :(.
Does anyone have any comment about the TP-Link AC1750? Seems like a reasonable price, reasonable performance, reasonable connectivity, multicast and OpenWrt compatible

the ports are 1000M (1G) not 100. The R3P is not OpenWRT compatible as far as I know (unless it’s just been ported).

It is not but the 3G version is

Hey guys,

I read some conflicting issues about the R3P on Xiaomi forums, and I ended up getting impatient and ordered the TP-Link AC1750 Archer C7, based on same day amazon delivery and thinking I’ll send it back if it still doesn’t work :smile:.
It works great!
No changes to the setup were needed other than setting the 2.4g network to the previous SSID so all my xiaomis & sonoffs auto connect.

The Xiaomi Aqara issues are all gone, it works super well for now.

Thanks for your time!

C7 is a good choice, C9 even better :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a TP-Link AC1750 Archer C7 V2 and it doesn’t work with my Xiaomi Gateway :frowning:
May I ask you if you could check the hardware version number of you archer?

If anyone else as working gateway on an Archer C7, I would be please to know which version number your router is?