Any solution to interface HA with my VERAPLUS?

I just installed HA on .my QNAP NAS (VM), working perfectly.
Now I want to associate my Veraplus but even I provide the right Veraplus IP, HA says impossible ro connect.Is there a major issue ? Any bypass .
Completely HA newbie , I trust on your help !

The MiCasa Verde (Vera) integration works just fine.
Have you included the port in your Home Assistant setup? It should look something like this:

The COLON 3480/ is the important part.

Have you included the port in your Home Assistant setup
Could you give me more detail ?
Where in the Home Assistant setup ?

If you look at the Vera integration, it should show the ip address of your Vera unit WITH THE :3480. If it does not, then you’ll need to delete and reinstall the integration, as you can’t modify the address after the initial config.
It’s a pretty easy process, just remember to add the full url when prompted.

It’s working . Thank’s !
I have just a problem to solve.
On my VERAPLUS an RFXcom is connected. I don’t know why but this RFXCOM created in my VERAPLUS a huge batch of ghosts devices (more than 600 !).
I am in the process to clean VERAPLUS Devices.
After VERA integration all the VERAPLUS devices have been detected.
BUT when I clean my VERAPLUS devices list, the HA doesn’t update the new devices list.
Is there way to force HA to scan again the VERAPLUS ?

I just find that it’s possible to load again the Veraplus devices !
But after partially cleaning my Veraplus and update the integration…all my old VERAPLUS deleted devices are still display on HA.
Is there something more to do ?

I tried to restart HA but even I deleted few VERAPLUS devices, they are all still on HA UI…
Do I need to delete VERAPLUS integration and make it again .
Is it necessary to use this sledgehammer !