Any way to update the OpenZwave library version of my own HA instance?

Hi all, I just bought the Schlage BE469ZP, it’s brand new and no one has added it to the OpenZwave library yet. Over the course of yesterday and today I figured out how to pull down the repository, make the necessary changes, and then use it with OpenZwave Control Panel to test. After many hours I got it all working and I created a pull request.

I currently have Home Assistant running in Docker on my NUC. I’m wondering instead of waiting for OpenZwave to accept the pull request and then wait the additional few months for HA to pick up the changes, I’m curious is it possible to update the library myself for my own HA instance? I mean I understand it’s open source, so I know it’s possible, but without figuring out how to recompile all of HA, is there another way to just update the library files so I can change configuration settings in HA?

You can copy the xml files into the config directory ie (virtual env install): /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/config, that should be all you need unless there were some patches you added to the openzwave source.

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Thank you very much that did the trick! Didn’t realize it was so simple. I thought if I were to edit the XML it would just get overwritten, but once I realized as long as HA is stopped it won’t overwrite it.