Anybody else with TP-LINK HS-100/110 working but KP-115 not?

I recently upgraded to core-2021.8.8. Before this I was on a version that didn’t have “Energy”, and had 5 HS-110 and 2 KP-115 devices all “working”. I say “working” because if I restarted HA, I generally also had to reload the TP-Link integration because it couldn’t see many/any of the devices, but after that all was good.

Since upgrading, all of the HS-110s are found, but neither of the KP-115s.

I am aware of the active alert on the TP Link integration. However, I’m using the workaround where you don’t register them with the website, so they only operate locally. Therefore I don’t believe it applies in my case. But FWIW, the KP-115s are on 1.0.17.

Is anybody else experiencing the same?

I have the hs-110 on version 1.5.7 and the kp-105 on version 1.0.2 both are working on 2018.8.8 and registered to the kasa app.

I have both HS110 and KP115; all work ok both with KASA app and HA

Thanks for the feedback. I removed one from the app and added it back with no luck, but deleting the integration and adding it back restored both. Yay!

Updated to Core - core-2021.10.6 and all is working and it found them!!

Maybe it just needed a restart!!!

Been using HS100 and HS110 for many years with HA, all is well, as we all know HS100 and HS110 are now discontinued, so reading that HA users have been successful with KP-115 I ordered two from Amazon UK, as need switches and power, I must confess on setup, I was on autopilot, and updated the firmware, and it’s now on Hardware Version 1.0, and Firmware 1.0.16

and HA does not even discover them.(not sure if connected Alexa always used to find HS100/HS110 when they were connected to WiFi)

Can anyone confirm that |KP-115s are on 1.0.16 work ?

I’m on core-2021.8.8.

Works, though i’m on latest core

Are you using the KASA app on an Android or iPhone ?

back in May/june I added a KP115 to my setup using the “guest” login, and it would connect to the KP115 but not get to the screen where I could select my home LAN for it to join.

The fix was to use Kasa app on an iPhone. They have been working well since through most of the HA updates.