Anybody that has made a good button for controlling covers?

Hi all

I’m working on changing my appdaemon dashboard to a lovelace card for use on my tablet.
So far it’s going ok, i’ve gotten most of it built:

Most of it works as I want to (I haven’t added pictures of the family to the presence view yet).
But I have problems in getting our covers shown properly.
I would love to have a button that shows the state and provides arrows up/down, but it doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.
Has anybody done something clever with a button for handling covers?

I have also the same problem.
The best I got was the this:



Hmm, yeah, that doesn’t really fit the ‘square button’ design I’m going for in the wallpanel.
I also need to make the text smaller so it better fit’s the tablet (the image is from my laptop with a higher resolution).