Anyone build Zigbee DIY wall switch?

I purchase some CC2530 module from China and a Zigbee Kit from Webee. Now i starting to build my own wall switch like Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch. I have read TI document and decide with Z-Stack Home 1.2.2a.44539, but it only provide very simple example. They only provide some complex document and apis.
Anyone ever build a custom wall switch with CC2530 can give me some hint. The final product i want can joint to any HA compatible Zigbee hub.

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Extremely interested in this topic. How far have you got so far? Keep it up! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can check this

Have you successfully flashed the device and are using it already?

I am the author of that, it is running in my home now with home assistant, zigbee2mqtt addon and cc2531 usb dongle, you can check it here, . But for the final product (small enough to place in the wall) you may design your own PCB with that chip, power it with a AC/DC converter. It is extreme hard if your electric source does not have Neutral line, if it has both N and L line, it is quite easy.

Hi @dzungpv, can you give me a contact point (email, phone), i’d like to discuss with you. Tks!

That is not the way we do things here. Conversation should be open so other benefit from ideas and solutions.

Have you tried this
Recognised by zigbee2mqtt

I will build my own version later this year, so far I have been working with .

Based on the PTVO firmware I have automated my blinds with CC2530: DIY Zigbee Roller & Venetian blinds automation

On top of that I have used PTVO firmware with relays to switch my ventilation system:

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See Zigbee Wall dimmer

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Welcome to the community @Pollux. I cannot find any reference to the firmware or software for that device on that website. Can you point to it?

It’s my own firmware, based on TI’s z-stack.

Where is it?

I did not (yet).

This is an open source community and forum. It would be community minded if you did.

The fact is that your hardware design is useless without firmware.

EDIT: if that sounded harsh, it wasn’t meant to. Your site does have some useful stuff on zigbee. I find the docs impenetrable and some of your stuff is helpful at my level!

As the firmware is closely coupled to the hardware, it does not make much sense to publish the firmware. I can provide the schematics of the hardware, and if somebody builds the hardware, I can provide the firmware.

Why not just publish it? Not willing to share the source?

That’s far to much data. I also modified z-stack files (f.i. the timers to create smooth dimming) and I’m not allowed to publish these.
I can provide the hex file, but this needs some configuration (channel, PanId, security setting …). Also the input switches, the output and the 50Hz input are bound to fixed ports.
So again, it does not make much sense if you do not have the hardware.

If you are not prepared to be open, why do you even post here?

Why not do a howto on how to modify the z-stack files?