Anyone familiar with this antenna connector?

It’s as small as the connector on a WiFi card but it’s not the same. It has a hole in the middle. The board is a small WiFi board inside the washer. I’m need to find out what the connector is so I can connect an antenna. I have tried using a regular WiFi cable before figuring out that it’s not the same.

Difficult to say from the photo, U.FL connector perhaps?

Got a higher resolution / closer crop of the connector?

I tried taking a better picture but my cameras aren’t good enough.

Here’s a link to the part. Maybe this helps:

Well I can tell you it is not the usual U.FL, or MCX or MMCX, or IPX connector.

It looks like an IP-9 connector (not easy to obtain). It mates with an MS156 connector (fairly common, aliexpress, ebay etc…).

I think you got it! It looks pretty much like it. I just have to find a cable, now. Thank you!