Anyone having issues re-installing Nest component on latest HA (0.74 or 0.75)?

So, I setup the Nest integration back during the 0.6x HA releases, and it worked just fine. Thermostat and sensors from the camera (person detected, motion detected) loaded properly. The camera’s live feed didn’t work because my roommate didn’t pay for the Nest Aware subscription.

Fast forward to HA release 0.74.2. My roommate finally pays for a Nest Aware subscription, but I still don’t receive a live camera feed from the Nest cameras (Doorbell and Indoor cams). I decide to remove the Nest component and re-add it using the new Integrations tab found in the Home Assistant Configuration menu.
It was a little confusing but I do all the steps again (login to Nest developer account, create new product, check every permission box, add client_id and client_secret to configuration.yaml, enter pin code on Home Assistant UI), but I don’t see any thermostat, camera, or sensors active. I don’t see any Nest-related errors in the log either.

Anyone else have this problem? Did I forget to delete a token file somewhere? I don’t see any in my /config directory.

This is what my configuration.yaml entry looks like:

  client_id: !secret nest_id
  client_secret: !secret nest_secret
      - 'motion_detected'
      - 'person_detected'
      - 'sound_detected'
      - 'away'

Here is a screenshot of the permissions I set in the Nest Developer Console:

Some other details I didn’t mention:

  • I am forwarding port 9553 in case that was causing issues
  • I am not the owner of the cameras (my roommate is), but I have physical access to them through my account. My roommate pays for the Nest Aware subscription. I didn’t have any issues setting up Nest component with this situation before.

Only owner can access device through Nest API, guest/family account cannot.

We don’t support live feed for Nest Cam for now, and don’t have plan to support it in near future since Nest didn’t exposure video stream in its official API. If you have Nest Aware subscription, you will get 10 snapshot pictures per minute (2 if not), and we composite it to a fake stream in HA.

Port 9553 forward is unnecessary.

I see, but I was able to access the Nest thermostat and the sensors created from the camera and thermostat (motion detected, sound detected, person detected) before, even though I was not the owner.

Anyways, I will try installing again using my roommate’s account this time.