Anyone know if the Denon/Heos integrations work with the Marantz PM7000N?

I’m asking because it’s not strictly an AVR but an amp with network functionality.

May not be 100% relevant, but upon some investigation of various Marantz cases (for me in particular Marantz Model 30 + SACD 30n) I found there are some differences between Marantz and Denon platforms. So Denon AVR integration is not working (even if it is autodiscovering Marantz devices) as Marantz is not using full web API (even web control of Marantz devices is very limited comparing to Denon). Heos integration, on the other hand, is working quite well. The only drawback is that it is not possible to power on/off system and additional command line swith has to be used. This might be however only applicable to my situation, as I use separates, not integrated system. For sure issue with separates is that volume controls only variable output of SACD 30n, not the master volume of amplifier, but again these are separates, not integrated, so might not be applicable.

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Thanks for replying. I suspect the only way I’m going to find out for certain is to buy one and then return if it doesn’t work well.

There is one more way to use Marantz with HA; if you subscribe to, you can use it also with Roon integration. Dradwback is that that Marantz devices are not true Roon end points (Roon ready), but just roon tested, which means playback is done via AirPlay 2. It has some quality limitations comparing to what Heos can do and you need to maintain your roon core server. And is not cheap ($12.5/month). Though if you into high end audion and multiroom playback might be worth consideration.

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I can confirm that source select and volume control work well with the HEOS integration on the PM7000N. It’s added as a media player when you make the configuration.yaml media player entry but not automatically when HASS discovers it. I’m using it in combination with Volumio so no additional functionality is necessary.

Does anyone know the command sent by HEOS when selecting a source?

I’m not able to change the source using node-red with command ‘SIPHONO’ or ‘SICD’ for example. Those commands are working fine on another Denon amplifier.

Was able to do it but not using HA. I’m now using HEOS protocol ( using simple tcp request node.

edit: changing source using HA was working for some sources but not the one I wanted (which is an Heos radio station I configured through my phone)…