Anyone made Gimdow lock work with HA?

I bought a Gimdow A1 lock opener which has been working great !

but unfortunately no home assistant intergartion. Has anyone used it ?

did you solve your problem?
I have the same situation and want add it to homeassistant

You can’t add the Gimdow lock to home assistant yet. As a workaround, you can buy the Bluetooth button, and attach a button pressor to it, and integrate that to HA.
Single press to lock, double to unlock …

Another solution that could be possible is adding a tap to run scene in your smartlife app
which would showup in HA if you have tuya extension but with tap to run you can only lock the door and not unlock it :confused:

I have managed to integrate the Gimdow smart lock using the Google Assistent Relay: GitHub - Apipa169/Assistant-Relay-for-Hassio: Send commands (including broadcasts) to the Google Assistant via Home Assistant following this tutorial:

In order to unlock using this method you have to activate Google vocal commands from the Tuya/Smart Life app for the Gimdow lock and then using the relay send two commands: one for requesting to unlock the lock, the other to supply the PIN you set when activating vocal unlocking.

YAML of the script used to unlock the smart lock:

alias: Front Door Unlock

  • service: rest_command.assistant_relay
    message: Unlock front door lock
  • service: rest_command.assistant_relay
    message: X X X X X X (PIN)
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Does this mean you need a Tuya hub?

You do need a gateway. I managed to achieve this with Alexa, and actually was able to poll the state from Alexa using some Routines and HA trickery.

You can now integrate with the Google Assistant SDK as an official HA integration and do this after following @ReNeGaDe124 instructions for the Tuya setup.
An example yaml:

service: google_assistant_sdk.send_text_command
    - "Unlock Main Door Lock"
    - "XXXXXX(PIN)"

Just wondering…what integration/add-on did you use to get Home Assistant to send the command to Alexa? I was able to do it with the google SDK, but for Alexa the only option I found is Alexa Media Player through HACs. Is that what you used?

A combination of Alexa Media Player and Alexa in Node-red. far from straight forward. If google SDK is working for you, I’d stick to it.

Hello y’all!
If anyone here is interested, I’ve been using this in HA to lock/Unlock the Gimdow lock. Huge thanks to dmickeyus for writing this awesome integration. Basically, it uses a raspberry pi’s built-in Bluetooth to control the lock and also gets the state of the lock (lock status, battery level). Unlike using cloud services, there is no delay at all, doesn’t need working internet and it’s worked for me perfectly for well over a month. See this link for info

Hey @hypnotoadskin ,
did you need to unbind the lock’s connection to the Tuya bluetooth gateway for this to work?
I’m trying to get this working but after configuring the lock in the integrations panel it just shows it as unavailable.

Yeah, I unbinded (unbound?) the gateway first, then I installed that custom integration file. It’s been working flawlessly so far. 1000x better than the Tuya software stuff. Automations fire instantly and work flawlessly. I put all my Tuya stuff on Home Assistant via Tuya-Local and even converted some things to esphome with Tuya Cloudcutter. I never open the Tuya app which is wonderful. Hope this helps!

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