Anyone tried to implement communication with Exodraft devices?

I have one of these which controls my chimney fan:

I’m kind of a newbie at HA and Z-Wave. What would I have to do to be able to send Z-Wave commands via HA?

When you typically add a device to your z-wave network (e.g. a light bulb) there is a pairing process you go through to include the device on your network. You typically go through some procedure to initiate the pairing, e.g. turning the bulb off / on twice.

It seems like that controller uses z-wave to talk to the fan, so the controller is acting as its own hub (that is, it’s not meant to interact with other hubs such as home assistant, smartthings, etc.).

From my gleaning of the installation manual, the devices must automatically go into pairing when power is cut, based on this procedure:
“Add devices
To add a device (power unit, signal amplifier, etc.):
• Switch off mains power for 10 sec. and switch on again
• Go to menu 411
• Press OK
• ADD DEVICE is displayed, see illustration →
NB: Search may take up to 2 min.
Press OK, once the device has been found”

If someone has integrated this into home assistant, they’re a real pro. It’s not the intended use of those fans.

Thanks for your detailed insights @Dolores! Nope, I guess it’s not intended for that use. Maybe I’ll try to contact the manufacturer if I can gather the willpower to take this on :slight_smile:

Definitely contact them! They might be surprisingly forthcoming with documentation and advice, or even write a custom component!

Even if the information they provide is beyond your depth, post it here so that maybe someone in the future can have a jump start in taking it on. :slight_smile:

I have a exodraft 41 unit. My control panel unit is dead. So i have communicated with exodraft. It is possible to by a new unit and parre the device with my existing sender on my chimney. This is done on my sender.
So i am thinking that it might be possible to ad the device to HA using the dongle? instead of buying a new control panel, instead parre with HA dongle, and control my device with the app.
How does that sound??