Anyone used Fibaro RGBW Micro Controller?

Was looking for z-wave RGB LED strip controllers and found this one on Amazon by Fibaro:

Fibaro RGBW Micro Controller Z-wave, Works with RGB/RGBW LED Strips

Has anyone tried getting this to work with Home Assistant yet? I looked around and saw a little information for other controllers and it seems like it has/had issues getting anything other than on/off/dim to work. The OpenHab wiki did look more promising though, so I’m hoping open zwave will support changing colors:

I’m looking for something to control a few LED strips on the porch for halloween and christmas, so if anyone has a suggestion on something better - let me know! (I have seen a few custom ESP8266 LED strip controllers, and I may go that route too)

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I saw that controller, but at $70, seemed WAY to steep for me. I went the ESP8266 route and have been working with that. I am using the MQTT JSON Light component to control On/Off/Brightness and Color. Got a few kinks yet to work out, in general it is working.

I’m super interested in understanding this a bit more. Any docs out there for the DIYer?

None yet, but I will see if I can put something together later in the week. Pretty swamped til then.

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Thanks for the input; the $70 price is why I decided to ask about it first :smiley:

@Haacker is this something similar to what you put together?

It doesn’t look too bad to put the hardware together, but I’m partially worried about making something semi-weather resistant (under a covered porch.) I guess I could leave the controller inside and run a longer extension to the rgb strips outside.

Similar, but I am using WS2812 LEDs (NeoPixels) so that I don’t have all the MOSFETs etc. Much simpler build.

I started with this: and then modified it from there (adding support for being able to flash it generically and then have it start up as a WiFi AP so that you can configure it from a browser (ssid, pw, etc., light strip details like number of LEDs, etc.). This way you don’t have to hard code things like that in the firmware. I also plan to add OTA updates to it as well.

I have also added support for remote control (IR right now, and RF being worked on) since my wife doesn’t like to use an app for these types of things (we’re putting them in the toe-kick under the kitchen cabinets).

You can start with that link and probably get what you need. Let me know if you need more and I will try and document later this week, or if you have any questions about what I did.

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Those WS2812 LEDs do look like they’d be simpler to use, and not too terribly expensive since you get individually addressed LEDs out of it. looks like it might be useful too. I’ll do some research and hopefully order something tomorrow :smiley:

So… Does this fix mean the the fibaro rgbw controller is now working & when will the fix be in the main release?

Very tempted to get the fibaro units.

Check Amzon or Ebay. There are MANY suppliers of the WS2812s, not just Adafruit so there are a lot more choices in configuration (waterproof for outside, etc.) and they are usually cheaper than Adafruit.

I don’t know anything about a fix for Fibaro controller, I don’t have one of those and built a different solution. I’ll let someone else answer that.


Yes, i have used RGBW flexible led strip, also we have use RGBW LED controller, if you have