Anyone who has any experience with the "new" Danfoss Air integration?

Hi staal,

Have you considered a “generic” pre heater?
If you are satisfied with having an autonomous system to keep your heat exchanger free from ice (by keeping the air intake temperature above freezing temperatures), it should be possible to install another brand of preheater.

This would naturally make any intake temperature measurements invalid, when the preheater activates, but I find this an acceptable trade off…

I have been looking at an “alnor” unit, which cost around 1/5th of a Danfoss.
But with the current state of winters here in Denmark, I will wait and see if it becomes necessary…


great to hear jonas. Im looking forward to testing it out.

Let me know and i will be right on it.


Hi knoer.

I have already bought the preheater and I am currently installing the system. In the Danfoss Air documentation it is stated that a preheater is useful if outdoor temperature drops below -3 degrees Celsius. Its not a problem right now, but temperature lower than -3 has been recorded where I live :smile:

Best of luck with your installment.


Hi all,

So, I finished my install last week and have just connected my CCM to my network.
I added the Danfoss air component to my configuration, and I now have the boost+bypass swithes and status of bypass and away mode in my overview - but no information on temperatures etc…?
When I look at my device states under developer tools in HA, the only ones listed are the boost+bypass switches and sensors - so something must have gone wrong…

I was trying to download a copy of the Danfoss HRV PC tool to check with the CCM directly, but I have been unable to find the download anywhere.
Seems Danfoss have pulled it from their website.

Do any of you have the install file available to share with me - or a link to where you found it?

Kind regards,

Hi, try this link for the pc tool:

(and a nerdy version:


Replying to myself and all others that may find this thread.

Seems the sensors were not showing up was caused by two things:
1: my CCM had obtained a leased IP from my router instead of a fixed
2: when it was switched to the correct IP, HA needed a restart to initialize the component correctly.

All sensors are now available :smiley:

I still would like to hear if anyone has a link to the PC Tool, so I can try and see if I can contribute to expanding the options available in HA.

Kind regards,

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the link - don’t know what went wrong during my searching the Danfoss site.
I’ll try it out soon.