Anyway to add zemismart matter bridge as zha coordinator?

I bought a zemismart matter gateway because well mostly curiosity. Thing isn’t very open and I figured I would stumble into it being closed off. But does anyone think it has a capability to be a zha coordinator? Or use it in zigbee2mqtt? I like the idea of it but I may just send it back. It also seems to refuse to join my existing thread network and I can’t figure out how to get around that. Matter works for sure but for it being advertised as a thread border router if it generates its own thread network that also defeats the purpose of it. Again I knew I’d end up with a situation like this. I bought it mostly out of curiosity. It pairs with matter to home assistant no issue. I feel like there’s gotta be more to it than just that. It also shows a light that doesn’t exist which I find weird.

I used to use Tuya cloud iot service for getting certain devices into home bridge and I’m wondering if this has some potential to exploit with that to be able to get it to open itself up a little more?

Zigbee and Matter use the same radio and frequency, so in theory it is possible to change it to a Zigbee coordinator, but it requires a new firmware, which will probably hard to get and flash onto it, and this would then kill the Matter protocol.