API Error for setting Inovelli Parameter 16

Hi all,

I’m on a RPi4, core-2021.10.5, using ZWave_JS, Driver Version: 8.4.1
Server Version: 1.10.7, with a SI ZST10-700 controller.

I’m getting an API error when I try to set Parameter 16 on an Inovelli Red Series Dimmer (LZW31-SN
, v1.57).

I am attempting to use the LED notification to tell me when the alarm is armed. Using SERVICE ZWAVE_JS.SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER in either an automation or NodeRed gives me the same error, though, when it’s triggered:

"Call-service error. Configuration parameter with value ID 4-112-0-16 could not be found"

Here’s the JSON I’m using. I calculated the value using Inovelli Switch Toolbox.

{"parameter":"16", "value":"33491456"}

Manually updating the parameter 16 values that are available in the device configuration works, however.

What did I do wrong?!

The zwave_js.set_config_parameter does not accept manually calculated values for bitmask parameters. If you look in the device config page, or in the device DB, and you’ll see param 16 is a bitmask parameter. The individual values have been separated into partial parameters that you can set individually, that way you don’t have to do any bit math yourself.

If you want to calculate the value yourself you need to use the zwave_js.bulk_set_partial_parameters service call. You can also specify each partial parameter separately in this service call, and HA will do the math for you.

Thanks for your assistance. This worked perfectly, apparently I just couldn’t read. Now only if I wasn’t in a contract with a terrible security alarm provider this config would be useful.