API Event Forwarding for "optional" components?

I have several components running on a Z-wave switch that HA controls. When I turn off the switch, my log is flooded with warnings/errors about unreachable devices. This seems to lead to downstream problems as well.

I was thinking of modifying my setup so that I’d have two instances of HA: one with most of my devices and another with just the devices on the switch. I’m running Docker/Dockermon, so I could automatically start up the secondary HA instance as-needed. But, I still want to see all the devices together in the frontend and have access to everything in automation routines. I’m hoping I can accomplish this by using the API’s event forwarding to connect the two instances.

Does anybody have a similar setup or any experience with event forwarding in the API? I’m mostly curious if the API will allow me to essentially load/unload components from a separate instance of HA.

I’d also welcome alternative suggestions!!

Hi! I wonder if you’ve found any solution in the meantime? My idea would be to have a separate instance for z-wave devices (collecting sensor data) and another which “consumes” this data through automations, notifications, etc. Thanks!

I basically gave up on this idea, largely because one of the recent HA versions seems to have reduced the number of warnings dramatically. I used to get one warning every 10 seconds from each of Roku, FireTV, and my AV receiver… My log was more or less useless when the switch was off. Now it seems that I get one warning for each device when I first throw the switch.

As far as separate instances and automation, though, that was never actually a problem for me. I do all my automation in AppDaemon, which lets you configure multiple HA instances. The piece that was missing for me was having a single frontend where I could see all my devices and still see, for example, an image of what my kids were watching on YouTube. It seems like event forwarding in the API is deprecated (and I never found any info about people actually using it), but I found several threads talking about using MQTT Eventstream. I never got around to setting it up, though, so I’m not sure if that would have given me what I wanted.