Apollo MSR-1 mmWave detecting through wall/door

I got an msr-1 as a first foray into presence detection. I have it in our laundry room and put in a smart switch. Automation works as expected, and quickly which is nice, but the thing is so sensitive it detects us walking by the door or even wall next to the door. I’ve turned up the gate sensitivity thresholds to try to get rid of false negatives, but sometimes it detects move energy of 100 in the gate I need it to watch for the door opening.

Any tips on how to get it to not detect through the wall? Was thinking of mounting it to that wall with foil behind it or something. I tested and the thing doesn’t seem to have a “blind” side.

Thanks for any advice.

Hmmm, aside from adjusting the gate power, I’m not sure how you’d accomplish this. Might want to pop onto their Discord and ask there. They are SUPER responsive and might have some ideas.

Looks like you can adjust the “distance” of the radar which is very similar to most other mmWave radar sensor units. The “gate power” would seem to correlate to the sensitivity of the radar which may be less relevant in your case. I have many mmWave in my home and the primary method of ensuring they detect presence in only the space you put them in, is the limit their distance which in most cases is quite effective, I have a similar scenario where a unit is in a small bathroom and aimed at the doorway and by setting the distance limit I can prevent passers by from setting it off, it doesn’t register presence unless you are actually inside the bathroom side of the doorway, if you do mess with the “gate power” which seems to correspond to sensitivity, it may prevent it from picking up subtle low movement presence when you do want it do. You also seem to have zones which is also now common on most mmWave units, so you can set start and stop distances of each, but be sure they don’t overlap or at least that is recommended on the mmWave I’ve seen which have zones each with their own begin/end distances

mmWave will and is meant to pass through most solid materials including glass, even thick shower door glass, it will only be stopped, or rather reflected by metal which could actually negatively impact your intended use of the sensor so I would not recommend using any kind of foil to shield an area, try distance limits first, combined with sensitivity if you’re having any vibration issues while things like dryer or washer are running, and lastly, change its position and angle (face it) away from directly at the door opening, don’t point it at a fan or place near ceiling fans, this is a known issue with mmWave

Thanks, this is all very encouraging. For some reason I was thinking the zones were limited to whole gates ranges and couldn’t be configured to be partway through a gate, which Apollo corrected me on, so that gives me a lot to work with. Still tweaking, but I’m getting closer.

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