Apostrophe dissapearing


I am using a telegram bot that sends messages in a loop when a device went away. To stop this loop you have to say in telegram /understand. This command does only work if i have in the automation
the command is between the apostrophe ’ or ". But sometimes when i restart home assistant it dissapears. Does anyone know how the ’ or " randomly dissapears?

  alias: telegrambot spam
  - event_data:
      command: '/understand' 
    event_type: telegram_command
    platform: event
  - entity_id: automation.spambot
    service: automation.turn_off

Can anyone help me with this? otherwise my automation has no sence…

Do you use the automation editor ?

@francisp yes

The automation editor has the habit of adding or deleting apostrophes.

@francisp Can this be fixed?