App detects faulty devices

Dear Team,

Can you please tell me if this app can detect the faulty device ?


It depends on the integration used to connect the devices to Home Assistant but generally yes, all should report unknown or unavailable states as well as logging errors. If using MQTT you will have to configure LWT messaging for this to occur.

Dear Tom,

Thankyou for the response,I have a follow up question,does the app detect all the faulty devices connected for e.g. I have the app connected to lights/door/AC/Refrigerator …Can the app detect all faulty devices at one go ?


That’s the same question and the answer is the same, “yes”. If it can detect one faulty device then it can detect many.

You can create template sensors to list all unknown and unavailable devices and automations to alert you when these sensors change.

Can you please explain “Unavailable” devices ?


Can the app also start firmware over the air updates to the devices ?

Devices that did not respond to communications from Home Assistant.

Yes if it is supported by the integration. e.g. Esphome, Shelly, WLED, etc…

Thankyou Tom,
considering a situation where the power is shut off to any device for e.g. AC and I try to switch on the AC using my app,does the app display that AC device as unavailable device ? How does this work ?


It is displayed as unavailable so you can not control it.

Perhaps you should try it for yourself and see?

Thankyou Tom