Appdaemon - Async notify android

Hi all,

In AppDaemon I use the notify function to send messages to my mobile which works perfectly.
However, when I try to use it in a async function the appdaemon app stops.

Using await doesn’t help here.

self.notify("test", title = "test title", name = "mobile_app_xyxy_mobiel")

Any ideas?

Thx, Ruud

Hey @Kuuf,

Have you tried running the following?

self.call_service("notify.mobile_app_xyz_mobile", title="test title", message="test")

If you still wat the other line to work, would you mind sharing the whole app?

Xavi M.

Hi @xaviml,

Sorry for my late reply, didn’t found time to look into this earlier.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

However, I circumvented it by sending the notify message via a differnent app which already had communication with the async app.

Still, thx for your idea!

Regards, Ruud

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