AppDaemon python script

First of all I am on HA OS, is it even possible to run the following python script via appdaemon?
The code I need to run:

It does a few imports such as

import struct
import socket
import binascii

from umodbus.client.serial import rtu

I did try to add that to appdaemon but it just kills it and it won’t start so either it is not supported or I’m not doing it right (I suspect the latter)
The code runs ok via VS Code on my Windows machine.

It will probably work but not as this app currently stands. You will need the packages necessary for the application loaded into the AppDaemon environment (docker?). Probably the easiest way to handle it would be to create a new AD app that imports PySolarmanV5 class from so you can re-use the existing functionality. The app is synchronous so if there are any long running processes you will need to find a way to deal with that since AD apps need to finish quickly.

No idea where to even begin, very little exp with python and AD in general.
Any suggestions?

Yes, you can look through Rene’s AD for beginners tutorial and the AD documentation. You’re also welcome to join the AppDaemon discord for help but I recommend you take the time to read through the documentation and build some basic apps.

Rene’s Tutorial:

AppDaemon Docs:

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