AppDaemon start up on boot issue [Solved]

In progress of working with @ReneTode on the AppDaemon tutorial, I finally got AD running again. But it isn’t starting up on boot using the script in the scripts directory. Here’s what I have so far:

I followed all the directions; copied my appdaemon script to /etc/init.d, modified the path, made sure root was the owner and the perms were 755. Than I ran sudo update-rc.d appdaemon defaults.

I started the service manually by typing: sudo systemctl start appdaemon.service and verified it was running by typing: sudo systemctl status appdaemon.service -l. Everything looked good, checked my AD log dir and saw the logs there so I restarted.

But it never started on boot. When I manually started the service again, everything worked fine. I just can’t seem to get it to start up on boot. Once I start it, it stays running so I know that the service file is setup correctly but I’m stumped as to why it doesn’t start on it’s own. Any ideas on what I might have missed?

Hi, on the road with very limited connectivity and have difficulties finding it, but I had the same issues. In the original appdaemon discussion should be a solution. If you can’t find it in can try finding it when back home. For me all starts fine now on the AIO installer

Make sure you are using the most up to date version of AppDaemon - there were a few releases that didn;t start properly if AppDaemon came up before HA - that is now fixed.

Also, consider using the systemctl method instead of init.d - I use that and it works great.

I believe you have to do

sudo systemctl enable appdaemon.service

to get a service to start on boot.

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I thought I mentioned that it was a fresh install but I see I forgot - sorry.

Bingo - this was it. Thanks, @gpbenton!

Andrew; any chance that in the next release you could add this in the steps in the script? It wasn’t mentioned in the comments and it was the whole reason for my issue. I’m sure it’s common knowledge to most of you but I’m still a bit noobish on such things. I’m sure it’ll help others.

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