Apple devices report Not Home after Backup

I have a strange phenomenon that I cannot solve.

I use the Unifi integration to track all WiFi devices. This works fine and I can see exactly when someone is at home and start certain automations and node-red flows based on presence or absence.

I run an automatic backup with Samba-Backup add-on every night at 2:30 AM (by the way, I also tried the Google Drive Backup add-on and it has the same problem as described below). It writes the backup to a share on my DiskStation. This also works fine.

Now for my problem.
After starting the backup at 2:30:00 I see that all iPhone’s get the status Unknown at 2:30:36. This recovers itself and at 2:32:52 the status Home comes back. However, at 2:37:52 the status changes to Not Home and that is not correct because the iPhones are at home. If I look on my DS the time stamp of the backup file is 2:39:25. So I expect that writing the backup file to another location causes the problem. The Not At Home status remains active until the iPhone really leaves and comes home again or until it roams from one AP to another.

I now have a temporary solution by restarting the Unifi integration at 3:01:00 but this is a bad solution in my opinion. After restarting the integration the status of all devices is correct again.

Does anyone also experience this phenomenon and does anyone know what I am not doing right or what I can change in my setup?

It seems like an update solved my problem. Did not change a thing, only updated my HASS system. Things run smooth again (as usual).

So happy that I migrated from Domoticz to Home Assistant. Use it since February and can not think of one argument to go back to Domoticz