Aqara Blinds Automation in time stages To close slowly

I’m trying to figure out how to do an automation that will allow me to close my kitchen blinds over a period starting from Sunset which at the moment is at 9:30
to close blinds to 70% then at 9:50 to 60% then at 10:05 30% and lastly 0% at 10:10

but no clue how to do this.

I started it with the sunset but have no idea what really to do next for conditions or triggers and what to look for as I do not seem to see anything on % for blinds only numbers.

This is how I have the blinds set at the moment and fully work ok and close though with sunset at 9:30 when there is still light for at least another 30 to 40 mins. Later.

Hope someone can help with images to help me see how I can try to do this. Thanks