Aqara Buttons stopped working after updating HA

I’m running HA via a docker container on a NAS. I’ve had Aqara integrated for over a year now via the HomeKit Controller with little to no problems. Since I already had an Aqara hub configured, I didn’t feel like converting to a Zigbee stick directly, and this has worked great for me until now.

Today, I updated from 2022.12 to 2023.4. It seems like sometime between these two releases there was some sort of breaking change to Aqara via HomeKit Controller such that the buttons no longer have any triggering options in HA for single_press, double_press, etc. Instead, I can only select: “[Button Name] battery level changes” or “Button Identify has been pressed”.

As a result, all of my button triggers in automations are no longer working. I don’t see any related breaking changes noted in any of the release notes, but I do see a few other folks noting similar problems online, e.g.:

Anyone experiencing similar issues or know of a remedy? Is there a better place to file a bug for this integration?

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Mine just stopped with the update to 2023.5.1. The automations run fine when I go to them and say “Run”. But pushing the button does nothing!


I’m currently facing the same issue. I have to reconnect my button with Home Assistant multiple times a day. It will work for a few hours then just stop.

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Also, the Battery level isn’t reporting!

Mine stopped working with the 2023.4 update also, guess these are garbage at this point.