Aqara Cube automation to change Sonos playlist

I need help creating a automation for my aqara magic cube connected to home assistant via conbee II and zha. My goal is that when I flip it, it will rotate between my favorite Sonos stations/play list. I know how to activate the flip to play a playlist (it includes using a script), I just don’t know the steps to make each flip transition through another available playlist/station.

I’m a 5 month novice and am getting better but could use some help with this one.

put all the playlists in an input_select and then use the flip automation to call the select_next service

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Thanks. I tried but it didn’t work. Do I need to put the playlist names in quotation marks?

You shouldn’t have to unless they start with either: 0, 1, on or off. So for playlists that would be rather unlikely. Post what you have and I’ll have a look