Aqara Cube- Trying to figure it out

I bought the Aqara Cube just because it seemed like a neat way to control things and thought I would play around with it. I read post after post of people asking questions but I didn’t find a lot of information related to my issues.

First let me say what I am trying to accomplish: Control volume of my Yamaha receiver, turn on/ dim different lights and switches.

I got the cube to pair with the Sonoff hub with no problems. I got the rotate motion to control volume up and down. My issue with the volume is the volume up and down increments are way too large. If I rotate a half rotation, the volume shoots up way too much. Same goes for volume down, you can barely hear it anymore.

Using Dev tools and Node Red, I can see everything being output, which is- rotate_right, rotate_left, Flip90, Flip180, Tap, Slide, Shake. I do not see it ever indicate what side its on, so I can’t do anything like, Side1- rotate_right= receiver volume up; Side2- rotate_right= increase brightness den light. I’m not even 100% sure it can determine what side its on.

Can anyone point me to any tutorials or anything that might shed some light on what I’m trying to do? BTW, I’m using Node Red for the automations if that makes a difference.


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I have a similar setup where it controls the volume of my Denon receiver.

  • Knock Side 2 – Turn up TV/Receiver Volume
  • Slide Side 2 – Turn down TV/Receiver Volume

this works also, but it does it via increments of 1% per action. So, could be too small of a change for you, but at least you won’t go deaf.

EDIT: also, to determine which side its on, I used the zha_events to listen, and that shows all the actions. I don’t know if you are using ZHA.

No, I’m using Zigbee2MQTT. I wonder if detecting what side its on is able to be done with ZHA but not for Zigbee2MQTT for some reason?

It does work in z2m

Mine shows it perfectly fine.

Mine does not show a Side either

Are you using

Developer Tools>events>Listen to Events>deCONZ_event

To see these results ?


Using Zigbee2MQTT here.

In Developer Tools–> States, my Cube has 6 Sensors.

Rotating Right.

Rotating Left.

It show a side, as the action when flipped to a side. There are blueprints working, which store the side in a helper.

Problem is this is only when “flipped” and will not work if you take the cube in your hand and turns it around and place it on the table again. This make it less useful, as it can show side 3, even being on some other side. I have given up making the kids use it, you need to behave to much.


I’m not using Zigbee2MQTT … that must be the difference