Aqara M2 Hub with many sensors

Hello everybody,
First of all, im a real NEWBY in this section. So please don’t hesitate to correct me if necessary. I have the following problem: I have bought an Aqara Hub M2 and many Aqara Sensors. At home I do have a few HomePods Minis. I also have a Synology NAS DS923+ where Docker runs a Homeassistant container with the home automation system. Until here all good. Now the problem: I want to connect my Aqara Sensors to Homeassistant. I recently read that the easiest way to post the sensors to HA is to use the HomeKit Controller Integration. Well that went good and was very easy. Now to the sensors: I have bought some Aqara P1 Sensors and the do have a lux sensor (light). But it is impossible to post via HomeKit Controller Integration in HA these values. What am I doing wrong?
Is there any other possibility to connect the whole Aqara M2 Hub to my NAS (Docker Container with HA) where I can get every setting possible (like the lux sensor value or the sensitivity setting for the sensor)? I do also want to purchase in the next month some Aqara FP2 (presence sensor) which do have many features paired with the Aqara App). So it would be nice to have a constellation where the Aqara App also “sees” everything from my devices.

Is there any possibility to connect the Aqara Hub M2 (or the sensor P1 directly) with my HA running on Docker Container (on NAS) with every paired sensor (i.e. Aqara P1 or Aqara FP2, vibration, etc.) with the following two requirements: 1) The Aqara App should be usable also after posting sensors to HA
2) I want to see every sensor possible (i.e. light in P1) and settings of sensors (i.e. sensitivity of P1) in HA.

Thank you very much in advance,

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