Aqara motion senson hack 5 secs and Xiaomi Aqara Gateway integration


I have made the hack to 2 aqara motion sensors with the pencil, and now I can see at mi home App the motion notifications each 5 seconds.

At home assistant I use the Xiaomi aqara gateway integration directly , I do not use ZHA because using Xiaomi gateway I have better coverage.

The problem is that at Home assistant I only receive 1 motion event each 2 minutes. I have tried several options , creating an automation to put the state at off, configuring “occupancy_timeout: 1” at customize.yaml but without luck.

The other problem is that when detects motion after one hour more or less wthout detection the xiaomi gateway say something in chinese.

does Someone know how I can configure at Home assistant to receive motion sensor events each 5 seconds with Xiaomi aqara gateway integration?

and how to avoid gateway speaks after motion detection ?