Aqara Motion Sensor - Sleep/Stop Sleeping Service Call

Hi All! I’m having a bit of a brainstorm about automations, and I’d like suggestions.

I have an aqara motion sensor and an aqara door sensor in both my bathroom and toilet. Currently, it just turns the light on when there’s motion and leaves it on for an extra 5 minutes.

Ideally, I’d like to calculate my own binary_sensor.bathroom_occupied entity that is set on when the door is closed, then movement is detected. I can use this to hold the light on without detecting any more motion. (and also have a red LED that shows someone is in there)

The issue is that motion is normally detected shortly before the door is closed, meaning that the Aqara motion sensor remains in sleep mode for 60 seconds and I have to wait for it for a full minute to wake up and detect more motion which, normally by that time someone is settled in their bath or behind the shower curtain.

I could solder the test circuit in the motion sensor and modify my ZHA to ensure it checks every 5 seconds, but I’m just considering alternatives.

Is it possible that there is some kind of message that I can send out to the motion sensor to start or stop sleeping? That way I can detect movement the moment the door is closed, then sleep it permanently until the door is re-opened.

Feel free to suggest other thought bubbles :slight_smile:

Nope. Once the device is asleep only it can wake itself up.

Bummer. Soldering test mode and hoovering watch batteries it is. No other suggestion? I imagine this sort of routine would be widely valuable amongst smart home automation.

The radio receiver is turned off while the device is sleeping. There is no way for it to receive a command. So yeah, that sort of physics defying magic would be very useful :wink:

I don’t mean to defy physics, I just mean for more general suggestions. For enclosed spaces, the moment a door is closed would be the best moment to check for movement, and once that is found, there is no need to waste power any further until the door is opened.

Are there alternative motion sensors? Could the aqara be flashed with something that would work that way? Perhaps there is a non-motion way of performing this check?

Given I’m newer to home automation than most others I’d hoped there were people that had thought of this and had more mature ideas.

Sorry, but I didn’t expect just a snarky ‘no’.