Aqara Motion Sensors - Sleeping?

I received 20 Aqara motion sensors earlier this afternoon. So of course the first thing I did was start setting them all up. I’ve read they like to hang on to a router when they’re joined, so I put them all in their final destination before joining them onto my Zigbee network. That whole process went just fine with zigbee2mqtt. I lowered the cool-down period from 90s to between 5-30s. Tested everything and all was good.

I’m finding if I leave a room for any more than an hour, the motion sensors stop reporting. The family has been hanging out in the kitchen and living room since I’ve set them up, and those 4 sensors are working perfectly. All of the other 16 have already stopped. I’ve re-joined a number of them and they pick right up and start reporting motion again. While working in my office, the sensor on my desk was working fine. If I leave the room for an hour, it stops reporting again until I re-join them again.

I’ve got what I would consider a fairly robust mesh. I’ve currently got 41 routers. Combination of plugs, thermostats, a dozen ikea repeaters and a couple of tube’s routers. My coordinator is one of tube’s cc2652 coordinators. Every room has at least 1 router device, most with 2 or 3.

Any tips on setting these up?

Woke up this morning and the last of the devices had all dropped off the network. They were working flawlessly up to the point that I went to bed, and once I stopped moving in front of them, they dropped off.

So this morning I removed all of them from zigbee2mqtt and reset them. The zigbee2mqtt documentations references Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected - Get Help / Devices - Hubitat which has a list of known working repeaters. I just so happen to have 18 Sinope TH1124ZB’s for my thermostats, one in every room of the house.

So this time instead of using Permit join (all), I joined them all through the TH1124ZB that’s in the same room, most within 2-3ft of the motion sensor with the furthest distance being roughly 10ft with a clear line of sight. We’ll see how that goes. Right after joining the map shows them all with a link to the right device, however by the time I’ve joined all of them, 12 are already floating out in space on the map. I did do a walkthrough of the house and they’re still reporting so we’ll see how it goes later today.

Out of topic: you did this via tempering the circuit (with cable or conducting pen)?

No, I did this through the settings in zigbee2mqtt the first time around. The second time (this morning) I just left it at 90s since I’m just testing connectivity

I’ve been working from my living room this afternoon, occasional trip to the kitchen to grab a drink out of the fridge.

Kitchen and living room motion sensors are still triggering as they should. The other 16 have once again all stopped reporting after an hour of inactivity. It seems that as long as I keep moving in front of them the sensors are staying connected, but as soon as I let them sit they drop off the network.