Aqara Opple 4 and 6 button (wireless) discontinued(?)

I have been looking for these, off and on, for months and months now.

Today, I finally messaged a few different AliExpress sellers I have bought some Aquara stuff from in the past. At least 2 of them told me they are not making them any longer. :frowning:

If so, I find it sad. They were the nicest (in terms of fit and finish) wireless, battery powered, Zigbee wall buttons / scene controllers I have come across, after testing a few different ones.

If anyone have any of the 4 button (primarily) or 6 button (maybe) laying around that they arenโ€™t using, I might be happy to take them off your hands.

I too am looking for more Aqara Keypads, with no luck.