Aqara Smart Plug acts on *any* button

I’m running a bunch of Aqara Smart Plugs (identified as lumi.plug.maeu01 in HA). They are all on firmware 41 (unhelpfully reported as 0x00000029 by Home Assistant). Using Conbee2 as the coordinator (also running on its most up-to-date firmware).

For some reason the plugs seem to be running in a “promiscous mode”; they trigger on events that aren’t meant for them.

All of my automations are written to target a single individual power plug. And yet, multiple plugs respond.

Does anybody know how to fix this, or how to troubleshoot it?

Answering my self, from this page.

Plugs randomly toggling on/off when using IKEA remotes

There’s an issue in the v41 firmware on the plug where IKEA remotes toggle the plug (because the plugs always listens to messages sent for group 0). This is somewhat fixed in current versions of zhaquirks and this custom quirk by making the plug explicitly leave group 0. However, the plug still reacts when messages from those remotes are routed through it.
See the following comment for further explanation and a link for how to downgrade your plug to a “non-broken version”: #1656 (comment)