Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor (different readings)

I have purchased an Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor and its currently reading 3ppb on the eInk display. The Home Assistant panel (connected via ZHA) is reading voc_level of 34ppb though (generally around 10x higher).

Which one of these do you think is correct, and how do I make them both show the correct (or most accurate) value?

Are you sure both are ppb and and that not one is ppb and the other µg/m³? µg/m³ is quite common to use for voc but the values are not easily converted into one another.

Well, they both say “ppb” on the eInk and the HA card.

Strangely, I sprayed down a surface with 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol and put the sensor on top of it (with a thin plastic spacer so the alcohol didn’t touch its housing)… and both the eInk and panel had the same/synced readings… before eventually capping out at 9999 ppb.

…so it only seems to be the “lower” readings that have a 10x difference?

I’ve put the sensor in front of a fan now… and the card and eInk seem to be staying synched as the tvoc readings go back down.

I guess we’ll see if they stay synced after being “shocked” with high VOC readings?

The lower the VOC count… the slower the updates seem to happen… and the more the two (the eInk display & the HA lovelace card) seem to have different values.

Am I correct in thinking the update frequency is dynamic? …and is there a way to force an update frequency so that they become synced again?

“Shocking” the Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor and then resetting it (after blowing a fan at it for a while) seems to have worked… and now instead of Home Assistant reading 34ppb and the eInk display reading 3ppb (10x difference)…

…they’re now reading 35ppb and 38ppb respectively which is much closer. Odd.

Update: They have now “synced” and both read 37ppm.
I guess when it was originally reading 3ppm… that was bugged / “frozen” somehow. shrug