Arcam Solo Mini integration (and possibly others)

Hi all,

I’ve got an older Arcam Solo Mini unit with no LAN control, just plain RS232 control and decided to integrate it with Home Assistant as I don’t have a remote control for this unit.

The integration is mostly feature complete at this point, a few issues that still need fixing but the main functions are working.

This is currently a custom repo that you can add to hacs, and I haven’t uploaded icons yet to the HA brands repo. I’ve also assumed that you might use a serial bridge for this such as ser2net.

In fact I actually removed the RS232 board inside of the unit completely at one point and had an ESP32 running as a serial bridge if you wanted a solution that is mostly wireless :wink: I reverted it back as my servers are nearby anyway and had the cables to run directly to them instead.

See this repo if you are interested in setting up an ESP32 or ESP8266 as a serial bridge for your projects GitHub - yuri-rage/ESP-Serial-Bridge: Wifi to 3x Serial bridge based on a ESP32

To wire up the ESP, its pretty simple as the main board has all the pins helpfully labelled and provides RX, TX, GND and 3.3V. You will need to remove the FM/AM tuner to get access to the required port.

This integration might work with other older Arcam units, although I don’t have any more to test.

Enjoy :slight_smile: