Arduino framework - FATFS_USE_FASTSEEK?


In a project found on Github (not ESPhome enabled), a hack was implemented for performance issues in fseek. Later, this seems to have been implemented in the Espressif ESP32 framework (expose FF_USE_FASTSEEK in menuconfig (IDFGH-3696) · Issue #5625 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub)

If trying to convert the project/code to ESPhome (from VSCode) - what would be the way to enable these options ?

The original platformio.ini file has this:

board = esp32dev
framework = arduino

That is why I expect it to be the arduino framework to use…

I assume, that I somehow need to add these build flags:


On the other hand - if I cannot use SDcard in the code (custom component), then I cannot convert it to ESPhome anyway …