Are there any workarounds to the TP-Link firmware updates that block HA?

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I invested in a bunch of TP-Link switches because my first four were running older compatible versions. In trying to figure out why my new ones are not showing up in HA, I found that apparently newer firmware has blocked HA? I’m SO disappointed. Is there any workaround to this? Anyway to sideload an older firmware version?

I was reading this,

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What version HA you using? If older than 2203.7 you should update

You can try to write to TPLink.
At one point they were adding the affected switches of dissatisfied users to a beta firmware list that would keep the needed port open on the device.
I am not sure if they still provide this “service” though.

My HA says I’m running the latest OS:
Home Assistant 2023.10.3

Is this not the latest?

It can’t hurt. I will give this a shot. Thanks