Are UI created automations gone?

I’m running 0.103.3 and noticed the web UI to create automations is gone. I have Advanced Mode turned on and have cleared browser cache. I also changed browsers.

I didn’t see anything about such a change in the release notes. So, is the CLI the only way to create automations now?

Do you not have the following menu option:
Configuration > Automations

There for me too…

No, it used to be here. Its been gone for a couple of releases, even with Advanced Mode turned on.

I lost many menu items.

Is it possible that the account you are using to login to Home Assistant is a member of the Users group and not the Administrators group?


I don’t think the automation editor was ever there unless you put it there. As far as I know it’s only ever been under the “configuration” section.

Some of the items there are only put there if you have them configured in your configuration.yaml. see “default_config:” in the docs. Tho I’m not sure why they would now be gone unless you have changed something.

Not sure how many releases ago, but it used to be (less than 1yr ago) that you wouldn’t see a difference logged in as a ‘user’ vs an ‘admin’. The current ha release definitely has fixed that where you see a lot less when logged in as a user. Maybe that is all it is… you were logging in as a user before and used to seeing things that should not have been there (and now it seems broke because it actually works the way it should). Make sure you are logging in as an administrator if you are making config changes.

i’m sure I was logged in as the admin. My latest adventure was to rename .storage directory and insert a minimal configuration.yaml file. Starting HA got me to onboarding.html, but after putting in a name and password, I get the “ha.lan:8123 says FAIL” dialog box. No matter what name, map location, timezone or unit system I put in I get the same error dialog box.

I clear the browser cache or change browsers and I get the same error dialog box.

In the home-assistant.log file I can see processes and HA is running.

If I stop the HA docker, delete the .storage directory and restart, I end up in the same place.

I believe it is stuck on auth_providers.

If I add a trusted network with no login to the configuration.yaml, I get access to the UI, but its a minimal UI sidebar with only Overview, Logbook, History, Developer Tools, Notifications and Users. No Configuration item in the sidebar. I’m caught in a situation I can’t get out of.

At the bottom of the menu is your user name. Click it and it will reveal more information including the following line:

You are currently logged in as <your user name>. You are an owner.

It should indicate you are an owner.

Yes, I’m the only user, the Owner.

I think I might give up, make a copy of the .homeassistant directory and rebuild everything from scratch.

Solved: It was all my fault. “config:” was missing in my configuration.yaml file.

In my several attempts to figure out why the create automations was gone, I must have deleted the “config:” line.

This was an adventure. I thought I might be related to auth_providers, so I managed to lock myself out. I also learned how to recover a single text file inside of a VM image. This also told me my backup strategy only VM images is inadequate. For small stuff even a VM snapshot is too much. Making a copy of the files I was working on would have saved several days of grief and my home automation system being down. No alarms, no lights, no temp control in the winter, etc. I’m now thinking of redundant or high availability systems.

Thank you everybody for your help. Your help got me going to figure out what the problem was…ME.

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