✔️Argon One Active Cooling & Argon One Active Linear Cooling Addon

Looks like I need to recreate your setup. I have a machine available for that. Can you point me to a guide so I can save some time? I prefer Debian-based distros to Alpine, and I like this challenge.

It’s very kind of you to go to so much trouble.

This install was done by following the (now deprecated) community guide at Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Raspberry Pi OS

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Would it be possible to have a sensor for the fan speed?

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I changed my Pi installation from an external USB SSD to an internal M.2 SSD inside the Argon One case (only attached the new bottom). I installed a new HassOS 5.10 and restored a snapshot.
Then I installed your I2C Addon, booted two times and everything is working fine!
Then I installed you Fan Addon and it also worked without any problem.

Now I only have to get full control to the power button (short press: shutdown, double press: reboot).

Great work! Thank you very much!

There is no built-in support for short press. However, a GPIO goes high when you double-tap and that is enough to trigger an action, mentioned above. Supposedly there is some difference when you press for 3seconds or more and a hard power off at 5 seconds.

Maybe you can figure out the 3-second GPIO thing.

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Yes, that is the interesting press.

The original code looks like this (this is my changed version for a piCorePlayer installation, “pcp bs” means backup+shutdown and “pcp br” means backup+reboot):

		pulsetime = 1
		GPIO.wait_for_edge(shutdown_pin, GPIO.RISING)
		while GPIO.input(shutdown_pin) == GPIO.HIGH:
			pulsetime += 1
		if pulsetime >=2 and pulsetime <=3:
			os.system("pcp br")
		elif pulsetime >=4 and pulsetime <=5:
			os.system("pcp bs")

So it looks like they measure the seconds the key is pressed.

maybe a 2-part automation.

  1. trigger: on GPIO pin 4 high
  2. actions: delay for some time
  3. actions: run script


  1. if GPIO 4 is high restart
  2. if GPIO 4 is not high do nothing

That some time would likely be the part that needs work. There’s info here about GPIOs on RPi.

I will look into it if I find the time. Thank you!

Today I found this in my logfile:

21-02-08 13:11:55 WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.addons.validate] Add-on config 'devices' use a deprecated format, the new format uses a list of paths only. Please report this to the maintainer of ArgonOne Active Cooling

Is that 5.11? I’m looking at it now, and I am not seeing anything in the release notes. https://github.com/home-assistant/operating-system/releases/tag/5.11

This is pretty shady of the devs… No deprecation notice, documentation, or anything, just deprecating features and telling us by error. https://developers.home-assistant.io/docs/add-ons/configuration

I have install the addon but I have an issue.

My config is on RPI4
with WD SSD 128
With the latest version from HA (supervisor-2021.02.6)

I was able to make this happen on a device without an Argon One installed. I will add some enhanced diagnostics to startup.

I haven’t brought this up on a Raspian install yet.

I don’t anderstand the answer what can I do?

Please update to v0.14. Then show me the logs from ArgonOne Active Cooling, at startup.

How can I update this addon?

update your app store first image


My Argon One case is coming soon and just found this topic. I’m running Home assistant on a Rpi4 with Debian 10 as I followed this guide. Will the add ons work on this setup? Thx

Your device is not installed correctly, or you are missing drivers to recognize it. This will not operate on your device in the current state. Sorry. you have work to do elsewhere. I’ve heard of bent pins or other hardware malfunctions. In this case, there’s nothing to control. It’s missing.

I do recommend the HassOS. It’s a much more controlled and better platform to experience HA and updates. There’s too much that can go wrong with Debian. At least with HassOS only HA controls the platform.

That said, i did test yesterday with Debian 10. You can use my I2C configurator here and then come back and use the Argon One Active Cooling Addon with Debian. [Add-on] HassOS I2C Configurator

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