✔️Argon One Active Cooling & Argon One Active Linear Cooling Addon

Oh shit :exploding_head:. I have an Other argon case I will test it. Thx for the support!

No problem. You will expect to see this when you have Argon One connected.

I pushed an update to fix this new API issue.

Are you running Beta? I don’t see this in my logs, but the new format was accepted by my machines so no problem on my part with this upgrade.

You’re right, I’m going to switch to the HassOS. Is it possible with your plugin to see the fan speeds and temperature in a sensor?

I have an addon for Raspberry Pi Temperature and I will be including a checkbox to report fan percentage soon.

Not sure how I want to do it though. Essentially it’s a number between 0 and 100. I’d like to add a sensor for percentage but I won’t be able to register it as a device within HA, so it’s going to be a floating entity without a device. I’m researching how to make a device.

It’s coming though. Probably as a floating entity. there’s a few other things that need to be done at the same time.

No, I only have all current updates installed.
Core 2021.2.2
Supervisor 2021.02.6
HassOS 5.11

I upgraded to 0.15 and I see no messages anymore. But I didn‘t found any message from the version 0.14 before. I think the messages are from the version before.

I pushed an update to all my addons today. Even though I didn’t see the message, the new format for devices has less clutter.

Just got my Argon One case and installed a fresh HassOS on my SDcard, set my snapshot back and installed the I2C addon, rebooted twice but the logs keep giving the output.

ls: /dev/i2c-1: No such file or directory
I don't see I2C.
no sda1 available
no sdb1 available
mount: permission denied (are you root?)
no mmcblk0p1 config found
This Configurator did it's job. Perform a hard-power-off reboot now.
You will need to reboot twice total, once to place the files, and again to activate the I2C.

Edit: Fixed by disabling Protection mode. Can you maybe add this to github because i don’t find that info.

Thanks allot for this great and easy add-on(s)! :slight_smile:

I tested many things, but I didn’t get something to work with a single press of the button. The only thing there is an reaction is the double press.

I also tested this configuration.yaml:

  - platform: rpi_gpio
    pull_mode: DOWN
      4: Argon One Power Button

Because I found the part with the pull_mode DOWN in another thread. This is also being set in the original Argon One script.
But that also doesn’t change a thing.

So I think I will live with the double tap for shutown.

This is the wrong place for that. You should post in the proper area. I’m working on it.

Upgrade to the latest version and see here for more info [Add-on] HassOS I2C Configurator

It is now!

It’s disabled by default.

I’m pretty proud of how it was made using no external apks, only netcat

   case $level in
    reqBody='{"state": "'${percent}'", "attributes": { "unit_of_measurement": "%", "icon": "'${icon}'", "mode": "'${mode}'", "fan level": "'${level}'", "friendly_name": "Argon Fan Speed"}}'
    nc -i 1 hassio 80 <<<unix2dos<<EOF
POST /homeassistant/api/states/sensor.argon_one_addon_fan_speed HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer ${SUPERVISOR_TOKEN}
Content-Length: $( echo -n ${reqBody} | wc -c )


Yes, it it here!

Thank you very much!

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-12 um 08.09.25

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-12 um 08.11.06

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Thanks allot for this, works perfect! Just a quick question, i’m going to migrate from sdcard to external SSD drive, do i need to run the I2C configurator again? Going to use the same RPI just instead of sdcard a ssd drive. Thx

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Thanks. Yes you will need to enable i2c again unless you have a way to directly copy the data.

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Thanks! Just migrated from sdcard to SSD drive and running the ArgonOne Active Cooling add-on 0.15 but i no longer see the option to activate the fan entity sensor? I also don’t see a available update.

Edit: Reinstalled the add on but still same problem.

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I have here version 0.17a and that shows the option.


Reload your addon store image

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Oh didn’t know that, have the option back! Thanks again for the time you spend making this available for us!

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