Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client - Updates Thread

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Thank you very much, i am glad you like the app.

Just check the image 3 posts up :stuck_out_tongue:

replace android_galaxy_s8_apps id with the ID which shows in your HA configuration.


Wowww… What a great feature!! Is there a way to know which app is running on the device? And the same question for bluetooth… Is there any way to know which device is paired?


I have the running app option in my TODO list.
For bluetooth please check
The JSON attributes contain bonded_devices which is a JSON array of devices that are currently paired (bonded). Note that a paired (bonded) device doesn’t mean that your phone is connected with (HFP/A2DP/PAN)


Ok, understand but how to use the mqtt_publish service in an automation?
Never didi it, so an example of simple automation will help me a lot.


Something like this should work.
alias: open kodi
… your trigger …
… your condition …
- data:
topic: homeassistant/sensor/APPS_SENSOR_ID/startapp
payload: org.xbmc.kodi
service: mqtt.publish


Just wanted to say thanks for the app. Works v well so I bought it. Look forward to your Wear OS improvements :slight_smile:

One issue I do still have is enabling Lovelace. Fails to do so but guess I’m missing something on the HA side…


Feature request!

I need to be able to set the mqtt broker. Is this possible?

I have a separate MQTT server from home assistant, and my values from ariela weren’t showing up, so I assumed it was because they were being sent to HA, but one of them just popped in, so I think I’m good, disregard, thanks for the AWESOME app. Loving your release schedule!


Thank you for the support, i am glad you like the app.
About lovelace, if you use HA version 0.84 or greater try to enable the editing mode in HA.
About wear, this is on my TODO list.

This is in my TODO list. Still, if HA is able to communicate with your broker, Ariela will be too.


40%?? What a ripoff


What is this?


Will this work if the phone is locked?


Well, that’s Google :slight_smile:


Yes, the apps can be started even if the screen is off. The next time when you unlock the phone the application started will be in foreground.


Hello everybody,

Version is out.
What’s new:

  • added mqtt screen switch setup info
  • at setup if using https and no port specified, use 443
  • added mqtt apps sensor setup info + script example of running kodi
  • fix setup issue when using web login

Please test it and let me know if you find any issue.
Thank you.


I think the listing got taken down? Play store redirects to blank page as of posting.


It totally did got taken down, I’m unable to find it anymore.


Hello everybody,

Google decided to remove Ariela due too DEVICE_ADMIN (added in order to allow turning off screen). I will fix the issues they said and today Ariela will be available again.
Best regards,


Hello everybody,
Ariela is up on the Google Play store again and also got some updates:
Release date: 17 January 2019

  • removed device admin (the screen can’t be turned off anymore)
  • added support for input_text view
  • small changes in Android Wear

Please test it and let me know how it goes.


Installed this morning and I like the general look and feel. I took a quick look at settings and I can’t find where to hide devices or arrange things. It’s clearly a different view from the web UI (hidden devices are visible in Ariela). How can I customize my Ariela view?


Usually it should be as the web ui version. Can you post some screenshots of how its in ariela , how its in home assistant and send me logs from ariela (enable debug mode in settings -> restart app -> use contact function).


Looks awesome, really clean and organized. Two things though, would it be possible to add Bluetooth tracking ie… use the Bluetooth on the device to detect Bluetooth nearby on another device in a certain zone then set ha to home,away etc…? Also the climate card is not showing for me. I use the climate component with a radio thermostat platform.
Thanks for all the time you have obviously spent on this project!