Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Is there a way to configure this when you aren’t on your home network?


Yes, of course it is.

Use the configure external option. Once you configure that Ariela will do the fallowing:

  • if detect the home wifi it will connect to the Home Assistant server address used when you made the initial setup
  • if detect another network it will going to use the address provided from the “Configure external option”
  • if no external access is configured and Ariela detect non home wifi network it will not going to try to connect(in this way you will avoid sending your credentials to any network)
    Please let me know if you have further question.


So, it won’t allow me to get that far. When I start the app it asks if I want to configure it. I click “Next” to start the process. The next screen has me search Wifi networks to pick the one my server is on. But I am at work. It is not on any of those networks.

I’m guessing I need to just pick one, and then set it up properly when it fails discovery?

You might want to add a remote setup option before it does the wifi search.


Yes, you can do that. And later after the setup and arrive home you can delete the initial network and add your actual network (from Settings -> Home Wifi networks).
Do not forget to delete the initial network, else Ariela will consider that you are home when you connect again to that network.
Please let me know if it works.


Hello all,

Added 3 new functions to Ariela which should be available today via update:


Hello all,
Version is out
What’s new:

  • RGB lights support
  • Brightness setting support
  • Ability to stop & restart HA server directly from Ariela.
  • Fixed potential ANR while retrieving the location
    Please test it and let me know if works fine.


Any plans to tie a user account (after successful log-in to a fingerprint for future log ins?


Thank you for the suggestion. I will add this to my todo list.


I’ve tried turning off location and reconnect feature today, but it’s still draining my battery


I will investigate the issue. Thank you.


I have been using this as my main device tracker and notification. It has been working great for those two things. I have noticed my battery is draining faster as well. But I am very happy with the device tracking it has been faster at least for me than GPS logger. The only downside is the battery draining.


Thank you for having the trust in the application and i am glad it works for you. I will try to tweak a little more the battery draining and i hope it will be good results.


Just like to update on the battery issue. Today I have had both reconnect and tracking off. So far (6 hours ) I would say it’s NOT draining battery. But I’ve been home all day. I will turn on location now to see what happens. I’ve set updates to 30 minutes 300 metres - this is the setting I’ve always used.

About 3 hours later I can conclude that device tracker is having a big impact on battery. I lost 25% battery in 3 hours, and I never left home. Normally I would lose max 5% in this situation.


Was Ariela the only application that impacted the phone battery?
I will post an update tomorrow that should reduce the battery usage of the device tracker so please stay tuned.


my phone was basically idle’ing - Ariela was maybe 10th most draining app, 3 hours later after turning on device tracker it was 2nd.

Also I notice that even though I set it to update every 30 minute, battery status in HASS is updated every 15 min.


That’s one of the fix that it will be available tomorrow. Now Ariela will try to retrieve the location ignoring that parameter. Hopefully the new version will fix the battery drain.


ok, so update after disabling device tracker and enable reconnect the battery drain remains the same.
This is rather confusing. However it’s not as bad as first indicated, it didn’t drop 25% in 3 hours, it dropped 15%

But the numbers are really confusing, I start the day with 100% battery, I watch youtube for about 1 hour, and do some news reading, facebook etc. almost six hours later battery is at 75% and Ariela account for about 5% of battery drain.
So now I go into Ariela and turn on Device Tracker. 3 hours later, mostly idle I’m at 60% - Ariela now account for 16% of total battery drain.
So again I turn off device tracker and turn on reconnect, now 2.5 hours completely idle I’m at 50% and Ariela now account for about 11% of total battery drain.

Looking at the drain it seems device tracker is the main problem, but the battery % continue to drop at same level after I disable it, and the phone is idle. This is very strange.

Very hard to conclude, I will try to test more with new version. Hopefully you are onto something. I was using owntracks before (gps tracking) and didn’t seem to have much impact on battery, so it should be doable.


@Ionut , app has come a long way, great work man!

The main issue I am having now is that after some time period (I think definitely after phone is reset and also on other occasions) the widgets I have on my home screen just become blank. The actual box/widget remains but there is no text or symbols or anything inside the widget box…


Thank you and i am glad you like the application. I know about this issue, its mostly happens after device reboot and it’s already on my TODO list.

In a few hours i will post the update so please stay tuned and thank you for testing the app and helping me on identifying issues.


Hello all,
Version 1.2.2 has been uploaded to Play Store and should be available for update in few hours
What’s new:

  • updated icons for humidity & temperature sensors
  • reduce the device tracker battery drain
  • fix potential crash when sending GPS location

Please test it and let me know how it goes, especially with the device tracker battery drain.
LE: Regarding lovelace native android support cards: please let me know what cards you want Ariela to support and i will implement it.