Ariela - Home Assistant Android Client


Got it. Found them. Brilliant :slight_smile:

Any plans to get discovery registry aware?
Would require the device attributes to be set in the config payload.


In Ariela -> Settings -> MQTT -> Discovery topic you can manually choose the discovery topic to use. By default its equal with “homeassistant”


I’ve got that, and entities are being created within homeassistant, but I’m talking about the device registry part of the discovery payload that appears to not be implemented yet.
This would then allow those entities to show up under mqtt on the configuration->integrations page.

These can be set with a “device_info” property within the discovery config payload.


I understand now what you are saying. I will investigate this and hopefully very soon will be available.


Hello all,
Version is out.
What’s new:

  • fixed crash when not web client installed
  • fixed crash of TTS MQTT when initializing.
  • fixed setup issue when having ‘/’ at end of HA IP
  • add option to make Horizontal Stack card behave or not as vertical
  • update norwegian localization


Thank’s for the update on vertical/horizontal stack, but this isn’t realy what I had in mind…
It would be best if vertical/horizontal could work same as they work in webui.
So if I put something in horizontal stack, I’m not expecting it to scroll left-right, but to order my entities horizontaly, and to be limited by screen width on how many entities will fit nicely. Scroling isn’t best option here in my opinion.


Well without having the scroll you will have situations when the items will not going to be shown. I will have to think on a method on how i can do that.


It should in some way stack items in line


Can you show a screenshot or something on how will that be?


Shure, here is a sample of my webui. I’m using mostly entity-button.

And here is part of the code I’m using:

  - type: vertical-stack
      - type: horizontal-stack
          - type: entity-button
            entity: light.rgb_traka
              action: toggle
              action: more-info
            name: TV
          - type: entity-button
            entity: light.rbg_downlight
              action: toggle
              action: more-info
            name: TV down
          - type: entity-button
            entity: switch.ormar
            icon: 'mdi:hotel'
              action: toggle
              action: more-info
            name: Krevet
          - type: entity-button
            entity: light.luster
              action: toggle
              action: more-info


I have an entity card full of generic thermostats. They show the status as idle or heat in home assistants frontend but always show as heat in Ariela, even when idle.


Please enabled debug mode and send me those logs so i can investigate, thank you.

thank you.


I don’t know if logs will help but here are screenshots

In the browser

And in Ariela - everything shows heat when idle


Hi, i just found this app for Android and immediately bought the full version! Love the idea behind it :slight_smile:
Is it somehow possible to add some more “device sensors” manually? For example i’d love to know if my phone is on silent (make the lights blink if i get a call)


I have in plan in having more MQTT sensors. Regarding call state of the device you may wanna check this:
Once enabled that sensor, Home Assistant can know if your device is ringing, in call state or idle.

Thank you for the screenshots, but i will need the logs also. Thank you.


Sent the logs. I think that Ariela currently shows the thermostat setting and not the status. I prefer the status but others may disagree.


If HA shows status, then Ariela should show status too. Thank you for the logs.


@Ionut is it possible to change the notification picture to showed all, not cut out and just the middle of picture, when I expand the notification?


I will look into that. I will add this to my TODO list.


Thank you!:ok_hand: