Asking for help for TAG reader add-on

Hi all,

I made a TAG reader based on GitHub - adonno/tagreader: Simple to build/use NFC tag reader, specially created for Home Assistant which works great.

Becasue I want to use the tag reader to disarm my alarm I like to add a led to represent the status of the alarm. (Red is on, Green is off).

It would be great if somebody could help me with this. I see 2 main activities which needs to be done

  1. Connect a LED to the existing ESP board ( ESP8266 D1 Mini) Can I use a LED which van have to colors or do I need 2 different LED and how can I connect the LED’s to the board (which pin’s)
  2. Which code do I need to add to the current TAGreader.yaml to set the color of the LED(s) based on the HA status of the alarm?

Many thanks for your help.

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There is a led attached to the adonno. If you need another, connect it in the same way. The code is in the yaml, lines 229 on. The ws2812 is RGB.

Can you be a little bit more specific? Suppose I use the same rgb led on which pin should it be connected?
And how can I get the alarm status into the code?

I do this with my alarm. I setup light effects on the tag readers light componet. A flash red for alarm arming or pending, a quick green flash for disarmed, and i just set it to yellow if the alarm was triggered recently. Home assistant sets these effects though automations.

Check out the github page for adonno’s tag reader and the effect section of the light component

Hi @floatev

Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately I don’t see any effect section in tagreader/tagreader.yaml at 85a867ccab9fd0acc7bb5f7218f262aa1ee1d0b3 · adonno/tagreader · GitHub

Am I missing something or looking at the wrong place?


Take a look Light Component — ESPHome

You’ll have to create your own effect and add it to the light componet. with one led they will be pretty simple, there are examples you can modify to suit your needs. Then automations the esphome yaml or homeassistant call the light effect as needed.