Asking Google devices to play HA or Plex media

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Hi all,

I’ve finally got myself a working HA instance after weeks of trying and lots of learning, lol. Now that it’s running, I’m not sure how to make it do what I REALLY want.

I’m running HassioOS on a Pi 3B+ off an external drive. I’ve duplicated my audio library into the media folder in hass (though I have enabled iCloud integration and the library is the same as what’s in iTunes, but I have no Home Kit devices; apart from our phones.) I want to be able to say “hey xxx, play [audio file]” My first ignorance is how do I actually call HA for anything via Google or Alexa (I have both integrations set up and tests indicate they’re working) and then how do I ask for a media file?

The whole reason I decided to try HA was because Google dropped Play Music. I have no audio streaming services and a large local library, so being able to play that is my primary goal. I would also be super happy to be able to have HA play a specific app on either my Apple TV or Fire Stick when asked by voice (specifically the live news channel.)

I have spent a LOT of time searching for solutions for all the questions I’ve had, but this one may be too basic to be covered.

Thanks for any guidance! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need Plex Assistant, a custom component:

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Thank you! That looks like a good start! :slight_smile: