Assistance with triggering (fireplace) event or existing remote controll

Hi everyone,

I have been looking into this for a while and can only find one thing that will potentially work for me.

I am trying to turn my Regency GF900C fireplace on/off using my existing HA (on rPi). The issue is that the units remote uses rolling-code RF and thus i cannot capture the signal on my Harmony Hub or Broadlink RMPro.

I can potentially use the MicroBot Push ( to depress the on/off button on the remote, but was wondering if anyone knew of a different solution whereby i could send a single pulse voltage to the remote controlls button (i have a spare remote which i can open and solder somehthing onto the buttons connections) using either ZWave or Zigbee (or something else). I would prefer this way, as i can interact with multiple buttons in this manner instead of the MicroBot, which has a fairly large footprint compared to the remote.

Thanks in advance


Hi All,

It has been a fair while since i started this project (on and off), but have finally found a solution I am happy with.

Initially I tried the PushBot, but I did not like the look of the PushBot hanging off the wall.

I then started down the path of a dry contact relay using a Sonoff SV and intending to splice into the manual pushbutton on the fireplace, but was hesitant to splice into any fire rated cable.

I am now using two products to get this functioning, a Bond Bridge (not the more expensive Bond Bridge Pro), to turn on/off the fireplace, and a Shelly 1pm to tell me when the fireplace is drawing power (use this with a HA template).

Initially I was unable to get the Bond Bridge to work with the fireplace, but I found that the trick with the Bond Bridge is to set the Fireplace power button as two individual buttons, one On and the other Off as opposed to one button of Toggle.

Load the HA Bond integration and your done.

Hope this helps others.